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Dear 2nd Graders,
These resources will help you with your Alaska research!
Use PebbleGo Next to learn about the state of Alaska.  
Use PebbleGo to learn about animals that live in Alaska.
Photos of Alaska Wildlife 
Photos of Alaska Geography
Photos of life in Alaska
 Videos about Alaska on YouTube (may only be able to watch at home)
Alaska Kids' Corner - learn all about Alaska. 
Daily Life in Anchorage - learn all about a day in the life of a 5th grader who lives in Alaska. 
Live Alaska Weather - this website will let you see the current weather in different parts of Alaska. Click on the blue dots to see the weather for that station. This information is updated every hour. 
Alaska's Climate - this website gives you information on the climate in each of Alaska's regions.  
Alaska's National Parks - learn all about the 23 National Parks of Alaska. 
Traditional Alaskan Foods - recipes from different Alaskan tribes. 
Beaches of Alaska - learn about the different beaches in Alaska. 
Volcanoes of Alaska - learn about the different volcanoes in Alaska.  
Nature and Science - learn about animals, minerals, fossils, and even the Northern Lights! 
Monthly Precipitation in Alaska (click on different cities to explore differences) 
Plants of Alaska - learn about and see pictures of different flowers and plants that live in Alaska. 
 Trees of Alaska - learn about the different trees of Alaska.
Alaska Nature - learn about wildlife and plants in Alaska. 
State Symbols of Alaska and State Holidays - learn about holidays celebrated in Alaska and some other important symbols. 
Modern vs. Traditional Inuit Life - compare and contrast life in the past to life today. 
Last Modified on January 23, 2017