Carlisle Public School

83 School Street, Carlisle, MA 01741

Ms. Putnam's Pages

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  • Language Arts Goals

    • to develop a love of reading and writing
    • to continue growing as readers by practicing skills and strategies that enable them to read more complex texts
    • to participate in an invigorating learning community where self-expression, challenging oneself, and cooperating are valued
    • to become a more confident speaker, analytic thinker, and careful listener
  • Social Studies Units

    • 1st British Colonies - Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth
    • Other European Powers in North America - Spain, Sweden, France, and The Netherlands
    • New England Colonies - settlement patterns, Puritans, Colonial Wars, and Salem Witch Trials
    • Middle & Southern Colonies - goals, religion, jobs, farming, & population
    • Colonial Roadshow - research project about life in the colonies
    • Road to Revolution - the French & Indian War to the Declaration of Independence